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De regenstok is gemaakt van de uitgebloeide delen van een cactus. Wanneer de delen nog groen zijn, worden de naalden naar binnen gedrukt. Hierdoor ontstaat binnen de cactus een net van naalden. Hierna word de cactus gedroogd en gevuld met kleine zaden of kiezelsteentjes en dan weer gesloten. Door beweging van de pijp wordt het geluid van vallende regen nagebootst. Alle rainsticks die wij in onze winkel verkopen, zijn door ons uitgekozen en op klankkwaliteit geselecteerd.

  • Curanderos (genezers) gebruiken de regenstok om hun patiënten te ontspannen
  • In Chili bestaat een dorpje met de naam Serena. De ouders wiegen de kinderen in slaap met het geluid van de regenstok

"The Quisca Cactus, which provides the magical body for the rainstick, grows in the Atakama desert at the foothills of the Andes. These cactus live in forests and hold water while they are alive. After they have completed their life cycle, their body dries out and can be used as this magical instrument. The spines are removed, turned around and inserted into the cactus which is then filled with pebbles of different sizes. If you turn the cactus instrument around the pebbles flow over the spines at different speeds, creating the wonderful sound of rain."

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ocean drum

Made in India: A wooden drum covered on both sides with goat skin and filled with small metal balls - just enough so that when the drum is hold horizontally and slightly tilted from side to side it causes a sound reminiscent of the ocean. This can be very calming.

Available sizes: Ø 40cm - Ø 46cm - Ø 51cm - Ø 56cm

wave drum

wavedrumMade in Thailand: These Wave Drums create the soothing sounds of the surf, with a great new feature: we sealed the little steel balls between two drum heads, one synthetic and the other natural goatskin. This means you can choose between two completely different timbres within the Wave Drum. A sealable filling port (see picture) allows you to control the amount of steel balls inside. It even allows you to put extra balls or grains into the drum for a different sound.

  • Available sizes: Ø 40cm - Ø 50cm - Ø 55cm
  • Material:
    • Siam Oak (color Walnut Brown)
    • hand selected goat head and synthetic head
  • Features:
    • Sealable filling port allows you to control the amount of steel balls inside
    • Two different drum heads
    • Soothing sound

Made in the USA: This ocean drum is the next best thing to living by the sea. Slowly rock this drum, and the steel pellets inside recreate the crashing of the waves on the shore.

The bodies of the Remo oceandrums are built of a special material called Acusticon. This material is a synthesis of cylindrical cardboard mixed with resins. This intense manufacturing process makes the body of a Remo drum nearly indestructible. The drum skins are synthetic and the same material that Remo has been using for over 45 years of drum making. These drums are extremely durable and do not change pitch with humidity. They hold their tone in any kind of weather. Remo ocean drums are two headed frame drums. One head is fully "see through" and one is a white skin. They are filled with small metal beads that allow you to recreate the sound of crashing waves of the sea. Comes with a Mallet.

Available sizes: Ø 40cm & Ø 55cm

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listen to the Aquaphone ...

click to listen to the Aquaphone
(with the sound of our dog barking in the background)


aquaphones Aquaphones are stainless steel and bronze monolithic, one-of-a-kind, acoustic, tonal-friction instruments that utilize water in the interior of their resonators to bend tones and create water echos. The rods can be played with superball mallets, by hand or with a bow. When the tonal rods are sounded some of the fundamental tones and/or harmonics are sympathetic to the bottom & top diaphragms.

The sound of the Aquaphone has been compared to the haunting melodies of the Humpback Whale and voices from inner/outer space. Aquaphones have been described as Waterharps, a musical “Aladdin's Lamp”, and “Whalephones”. In the world family of musical instruments the Aquaphone is between a Tibetian Water Drum, an African Kalimba (thumb piano) and a 16th century Peg or Nail Violin. Each Aquaphone is made using a hot metal process developed over the past 40 years. The tonal rods are tuned to a combination of micro-tonal and diatonic relationships presented in two distinct but intergrated scales having both even and uneven increments. Bow not included.

Aquaphone instructions:

The Aquaphone offers a wide range of sounds. The sounds depends on the following factors:

        1. the placement of the bow on the rods (see page 2)
        2. whether the rods are rubbed with the full width of the bow-hair or the slim sides.
        3. pressure during playing. Strong pressure produces low tones, light pressure produces high overtones.
        4. speed of playing
        5. type of bow: -natural horse hair -synthetic hair -violin bow -contrabass bow
        6. amount of colophonium-resin on bow and rods
        7. type of colophonium-resin (for violin, cello and contrabass)
        8. amount of water in the Aquaphone (1-2 cups or more)

    As there are always rods that resonate in harmony, and indeed the entire instrument resonates to some extent, there is an almost infinite range of possible sounds.


    For amplification we recommend a small microphone, such as are used by players of trumpet or saxophone. Piezotone pick-ups which are direcly attached to the instrument are not recommended. The sound is rather on the high side and only useful when processed by a good equalizer. All sounds made by the hand holding the instrument are audible. If you want to give it a try, wear a glove made of fleece or wool.

    Care for your instrument

    The Aquaphone should always be emptied after playing. If you want to play your Aquaphone in the sea or in thermal water, take care to clean your instrument (inside and outside) with fresh tap water. Afterwards the instrument should be dried with soft towel.


De Aquaphone wordt heel ambachtelijk gemaakt. De productie ervan is een minutieuze en tijdrovende onderneming. Vandaar dat we slechts af en toe een exemplaar binnen krijgen.

Aquaphones zijn vervaardigd uit inox (roestvrij staal). De body wordt gevuld met water. Met een strijkstok, rubberen kloppertjes of met de hand kan je de verschillende staven aanslaan of -strijken, waardoor en indringende en mysterieuze klank vrijkomt. Het water in de body wordt gebruikt om de klanken van het instrument om te buigen en hierdoor een soort water-echo te creëren. De hierdoor verkregen klank is rijk aan boventonen en doet denken aan het betoverende geluid van walvissen (Humpback Whales), dolfijnen of klanken van "inner/outer space". Een fantastisch instrument dat je best heel subtiel bespeelt tijdens klankreizen, dreamtime concerten, sound journeys of klankbaden. De klank neemt je mee op reis ... .

De Aquaphone bestaat in 3 uitvoeringen:

  • Aquaphone Basic Ø 30 cm
  • Aquaphone Bass Ø 35 cm
  • Aquaphone Mega-Bass Ø 40 cm

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spring drum


springdrumShake it and it sounds like thunder.
Strike it on the spring and you get a thunder clap.
You can vary the pitch by putting your hand over the opening.

The almost indescribable and musically interesting sound has been described as a cross between a cuica, a sheet of thunder, a suspended cymbal roll, and the roar of a lion.

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thunder tube

The thunder tube creates its song by gently shaking the drum so that the vibrations of the spring are transmitted to the head – creating a unique sound that exists somewhere between a gong and a dijeridoo.
Covered in a lightning graphic, your hands will feel the electricity in the sound you generate.
Can be used as a sonic centering device for friends.
Allow it to reflect the energy of the lightning of your soul.




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The mourning sound of the little owl.
This whistle imitates the hoot of the little owl.

Length: 7cm
Origin: Vietnam
Material: Jack fruit-oiled wood

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You can produce an authentic nightingale or dolphin warble by turning the metal eye. Very easy to play, great sound!

Length: 7,5 cm
Origin: France

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Robust Toulouhou with a wooden body covered with goat skin. Spun through the air, the Toulouhou's clattering sound is enjoyed by all kids. Played by the hands it becomes a surprising sound effect instrument with various tones and soundscapes.

Length: 5 cm
Material: wood, goat skin

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Aztec ritual instrument (authentic replica)

When you fill this sound sculpture with water and cradle it, it will make a crying sound and tears will run down its face.

Length: 22 cm
Origin: Mexico
Material: Ceramics

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Produced in Cambodia
The wood is treated with lineseed oil.
Comes with a stick.

These frogs quake if you hold the stick at the thinner end and move it with a slight rolling motion from the back to the head of the frog. If you cover a part of the mouth with your hand you can modify the sound volume.

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The cricket is played by rubbing the stick on its stomach.
Comes with stick

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The wizard’s owl

If you blow lightly into the back of the head the sound is dark and smokey. If you blow faster the sound is lighter and higher.
Owls are active in the night and have good night vision and extraordinary hearing capabilities.
A good friend for a wizard.

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Sheep Voice - Paper Banderole
Printed with Funny Sheep Designs

These lovingly designed sheep voices sounds surprisingly real. Just turn the little sheep jar onto its top - when turning back you'll hear the sheepy "Baaaaa".

Small: 5 cm (2”), Ø 4.5 cm (1.8”)
Medium: 6 cm (2.4”), Ø 6.5 cm (2.6”)


Sheep Voice - Fur Coat
to hear & to touch

These lovingly designed sheep voices sounds surprisingly real. Not at least the real sheep fur coating (brown or white) provides authentic grazing joy.

Medium: 6 cm (2.4”), Ø ca. 11.5 cm (4.5”)
Large: 8 cm (3.1”), Ø ca. 12.5 cm (4.9”)

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