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hybrid slap cayon

Hybrid Slap-Top Cajon
The X-shaped Hybrid Slap-Top Cajon features not only a unique and comfortable design, but contrasting playing surfaces on opposite sides to give players different sonic and dynamic alternatives.

  • material: Baltic Birch (Betula pendula)
  • size: W 36 x H 25 x D 14cm
  • Comfortable and unique X-design
  • Forward sound projection
  • Internal snare wires for a snare cajon sound on one side
  • Bongo cajon sound on the opposite side
Meinl hybrid cayon hybrid slap-top cajon

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powwow drum


The powwow drum is one of the ancient ceremonial drums of the American Plains Indians. Today these drums are still played at Powwows. They are mostly played by several drummers. Hot stones placed under the powwow drum are used to tighten the hide on wet days.

The beech wood frame is steambent over a form and the four different layers are glued together. In this way the frame is very durable and at the same time remains thin and light weight. The so called “scar skin“, the outer part of the skin, is used for the upper drumming skin and the split hide is used for the bottom drum head. In this way the frame is literally inserted into the skin.

Hide strips are used to fasten the hides onto the drum. The closed-body design of these drums helps them to hold their tension and good sound for a long time because the inside of the drum does not accumulate humidity. The sound wave of the drum is similar to a gong and vibrates with long powerful overtones.

pow wowPowwow drums are available in different versions:

  • Small Ø 65cm or large Ø 90cm
  • floorstand included (or upright in a gongstand, not included)
  • thin 16cm or thick 30cm


Buffalo Drums
Buffalo Drums

Buffalo Drum Health Rhythms
Buffalo Drum 30cm
"Health Rhythms"

The Remo Standard Buffalo Drum is inspired by the indigenous cultures of the Americas. Equipped with a rope handle and a single mallet. The Remo Standard Buffalo Drum is manufactured with Remo’s Fiberskyn® drumheads and patented Acousticon® drum shells for enhanced durability in any environment. Producing the same tonal characteristics found on traditional wood shell drums, the standard Buffalo Drums feature excellent projection and enhanced low-pitched fundamentals.

  • Durability in any environment
  • Equipped with a rope handle and a single mallet
  • Fiberskyn® drumheads and patented Acousticon® drum shells
  • Excellent projection and enhanced low-pitched fundamentals
Ø 25cm  
Ø 30cm (with or without "Health Rhythms" design)  
Ø 35cm  
Ø 40cm  
Ø 55cm  

Buffalo Drum Comfort
Buffalo Drum "Comfort"

Remo Buffalo Drums with Comfort Sound Technology delivers a warm quality tone and features a cleanable black matte finish drum shell with a nylon rope handle that is comfortable and easy to hold. Manufactured with our patented, eco-friendly Acousticon® drum shells, Remo Buffalo Drums with Comfort Sound Technology drumheads produce a big vibration with a focused, controlled sound that delivers warm tones, while remaining accessible for people with sound sensitivities. A great tool for Music therapists and for recreational activities.

Remo Comfort sound


  • A great tool for music therapy and for recreational drumming activities
  • Manufactured with Acousticon® drum shells, Comfort Sound Technology drumhead
  • Delivers a warm quality tone and a focused, controlled sound



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ocean drum

Made in India: A wooden drum covered on both sides with goat skin and filled with small metal balls - just enough so that when the drum is hold horizontally and slightly tilted from side to side it causes a sound reminiscent of the ocean. This can be very calming.

Available sizes: Ø 40cm - Ø 46cm - Ø 51cm - Ø 56cm

wave drum

wavedrumMade in Thailand: These Wave Drums create the soothing sounds of the surf, with a great new feature: we sealed the little steel balls between two drum heads, one synthetic and the other natural goatskin. This means you can choose between two completely different timbres within the Wave Drum. A sealable filling port (see picture) allows you to control the amount of steel balls inside. It even allows you to put extra balls or grains into the drum for a different sound.

  • Available sizes: Ø 40cm - Ø 50cm - Ø 55cm
  • Material:
    • Siam Oak (color Walnut Brown)
    • hand selected goat head and synthetic head
  • Features:
    • Sealable filling port allows you to control the amount of steel balls inside
    • Two different drum heads
    • Soothing sound

Made in the USA: This ocean drum is the next best thing to living by the sea. Slowly rock this drum, and the steel pellets inside recreate the crashing of the waves on the shore.

The bodies of the Remo oceandrums are built of a special material called Acusticon. This material is a synthesis of cylindrical cardboard mixed with resins. This intense manufacturing process makes the body of a Remo drum nearly indestructible. The drum skins are synthetic and the same material that Remo has been using for over 45 years of drum making. These drums are extremely durable and do not change pitch with humidity. They hold their tone in any kind of weather. Remo ocean drums are two headed frame drums. One head is fully "see through" and one is a white skin. They are filled with small metal beads that allow you to recreate the sound of crashing waves of the sea. Comes with a Mallet.

Available sizes: Ø 40cm & Ø 55cm


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klik voor grote afbeelding

A small frame drum with 6 pairs of jingles inserted into the frame.

  • TAB-14 Tambourin Ø 5.5 inch - 6 pairs of Cymbals
  • TAB-19 Tambourin Ø 7.5 inch - 6 pairs of Cymbals
  • TAB-22 Tambourin Ø 8.7 inch - 6 pairs of Cymbals
  • TAB-30 Tambourin Ø 11.8 inch - 6 pairs of Cymbals

klik voor grote afbeelding

made in India

Drums of this basic style have been made in many parts of the world since pre-historic times. In Native American traditions such drums are often used for ceremonial purposes. All our shaman drums are totally hand made with a wood frame and finely worked calf skin head and a wood cross handle, covered with leather. A beater and a nylon bag is included with each drum.

available in Ø 41cm - 46cm - 51cm - 56cm, beater & carry bag incl.  



klik voor grote afbeelding

made in Pakistan

Very lightweight but great sound. 2 Inches thick, fixed goatskin head, rosewood frame, leather cross-handle, includes leather beater.

available in Ø 25cm - 41cm - 46cm - 56cm - 76cm  

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ceremonial drum

made in Europe

These compact hand made drums (Ø 35cm only) have a powerful deep sound that you won't often get from drums that small.
The beautiful skin comes from a desert buck and it's tension can be modified according to weather conditions by inflating or deflating the air chamber of the drum with the pump included. This allows you to use the drum in almost every weather condition, from very dry to highly humid.

Deze compacte handgemaakte drums (slechts Ø 35cm) hebben een krachtige diepe klank die je niet vaak terug vindt bij drums van deze geringe afmetingen.
Het prachtige vel is afkomstig van een woestijnbok. Afhankelijk van de weersomstandigheden kan je de spanning van het vel aanpassen door meer of minder lucht in de luchtkamer van de drum te pompen via de meegeleverde pomp. Hierdoor kan je de drum blijven bespelen in nagenoeg alle weersomstandigheden, van zeer droog tot uitermate vochtig.


ceremonial drum

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Double sided shaman drum

  • Ø 30cm
  • cow skin (sometimes bufallo on 1 side)
  • birch bark
  • beater incl.



Deze grote dubbelzijdige sjamaantrommel met diameter 53cm geeft een heerlijke diepe klank. Hij is vervaardigd in Arizona (USA). Voor deze trommels is dierenhuid van koe of paard gebruikt. De trommel is relatief licht en daardoor ook heel handig mee te nemen. Bovendien wordt hij geleverd met een beschermende draagtas. Een dubbelzijdige trommel heeft ook als voordeel dat je hem kan neerzetten zonder dat hij omvalt, zodat je slechts één hand nodig hebt om de trommel te bespelen en zo de andere hand vrij is voor bvb een shaker of een ratel.

  • origin: Arizona / USA
  • Ø 53cm
  • cow or horse skin
  • carry bag included


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skin udu
skin udu
listen to the skin udu ... listen to the skin udu ...

De klank van de udu is diep, warm, vol ... en voelt als de geborgenheid van de baarmoeder, waar ook vaak naar gerefereerd wordt bij het aanhoren van dit prachtige instrument. Behalve het feit dat Udu's er mooi uitzien hebben ze een schitterend geluid dat doet denken aan de Indiase Tabla of de Senegalese Talking drum. De Udu is gemaakt van gebakken klei en wordt met handen en vingers bespeeld, door met de vlakke hand op 1 van de openingen te slaan krijg je een bastoon die lijkt op de klank van een tabla, met de vingers op de 'body' slaan geeft weer een hoog geluid. Zoals je ziet heeft de udu boven een vlakke zijkant waardoor je ook "congaslaps" kan toepassen. Alle Udu's zijn handgedraaid.

De Skin Udu beschikt bovendien over een gespannen geitenvelletje waarmee je extra bongo-klanken uit het instrument kan toveren.


The beautiful Udu Drum originates from Nigeria. Surprisingly, it began not as a percussion instrument, but as a common clay pot made for carrying water. When a potter from the ancient Ibo Tribe inadvertently made an opening in the side of one of his vase-shaped water vessels, he discovered the pot's earthy, musical sound. Because some believed its haunting tone to be the "voice of the ancestors", the simple side-hole drum -- sculpted from earth, water, fire and air -- came to be an important part of religious ceremonies in southern and central Nigeria. Though the drum had different names depending on the region in which it was used, "Udu" was the Ibo name, meaning both "pottery" and "peace" in the tribal language.

The Udus are instruments of the finest quality. They are capable of creating beautiful sounds in the hands of both trained musicians and novice players. Their low, unique vibrations are as pure and spiritual as a heartbeat, and their high pitches can be compared to the Indian Tabla Drums. Their tones are similar to the African Talking Drums, and they have sound qualities that no skin-covered drum can obtain.



skin udu
liquid udu

Fiberglass Liquid Udu Drum

A sealed metal chamber containing water is permanently bonded to the premium fiberglass body.
The liquid chamber adds fluctuating overtones to the drum’s fundamentals.

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slit drum

listen ... S8TP-01


"In 1988, Boing Klangkoerper developed a special technique for tuning tongue drums to a high perfection. The tropical oily wood, called padouk, is preferable as it does not accumulate humidity and therefore holds the tuning. The latest padouk wood is now exclusively bought from certified sources (receipt on request). It gives more bass, more sound, more feeltone.
The precisely pentatonic-tuned Profi-line tongue drum can be used as both a rhythm and a melody instrument. Can be played by hand or with the included mallets."


S8TP-01 sopraan, 8 tonen, padouk, f pentatonisch, 60 x 20 x 18 cm, incl. 2 kloppers


tongue drum

tongue drum

lig spleet trommel


"At the beginning this instrument only existed in an open tuned version. In 1988, Ingo Böhme developed a technically challenging technique for tuning the large slitdrums. The tuned versions are important for therapeutic work using the support of harmonies to balance and relax the clients. Since 1988 this therapeutic musical furniture has been used in many hospitals, clinics, kindergartens, senior homes and handicapped homes. These Bass-Slit-Drum benches have been used successfully with many different people with amazing results. Some people enjoy the vibration massage, hyperactive children can be calmed with the experience of the deep sound. Acoustically handicapped people can experience sound through vibration and also multiple handicapped persons experience and react to this kind of communication.

The latest padouk wood is now exclusively bought from certified sources (receipt on request). It gives more bass, more sound, more feeltone. All slitdrums have an additional pair of feet on the side enabling them to be flipped over 90 degrees. This allows a person to sit or lay down on top, allowing the therapist to play the slitdrum on the side. Comes with 2 mallets."

T8TP100-01 tenor, 8 tonen, padouk & spar, G pentatonisch, 100 x 30 x 35 cm, incl. 2 kloppers
T8TE100U-01 tenor, 8 tonen, es & spar, niet op exacte noten gestemd, geschikt voor percussie, 100 x 30 x 35 cm, incl. 2 kloppers
B8TP120-01 bas, 8 tonen, padouk & spar, D pentatonisch, D-E-G-A-B-d-e-g, 120 x 40 x 45 cm, incl. 2 kloppers
B8TE120U-01 bas, 8 tonen, es & spar, niet op exacte noten gestemd, geschikt voor percussie, 120 x 40 x 45 cm, incl. 2 kloppers

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Drum beaters

  • hand made
  • fleece
  • wooden handle is sanded and oiled with Almond oil to reveal the beauty of the wood structure and to protect it from moisture

Drum beaters

  • made in USA

Drum beaters

  • lamb's wool
  • bamboo or beach handle

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Carry bags

drum bag

drum bag
drum bags
drum bagdrumbagdrum bag
  • made in China
  • black nylon
  • padding
  • Ø 40 - 45 - 50 - 55 - 60 - 65 cm
  • made in China
  • 800 denier black nylon
  • soft padding
  • External Velcro Sealed Pocket
  • Clip on shoulder strap and handle
  • Ø 40 - 45 cm
  • made in Indonesia
  • Lightweight bag for all native american drums
  • Outside: Sturdy and water repellent, lined cloth.
  • Very strong zipper, handle and adjustable strap.
  • Inside: velvet material
  • Colour: brown
  • Weight: 0,75 kg

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